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Egypt Pyramids - Amazing Facts

Egypt Pyramids - Amazing Facts

One of the seven wonders of the world, the Egyptian pyramids blow the senses of today's scientists. Today science and technology have made so much progress that the construction of sky-soaked buildings is not a big deal. But, 2500 years ago, there was such a technology that 10 tons of stones can be lifted up 450 feet and build a building. If not one or two stones, such a large number of them are finely cut, then the boundary walls of a city like Paris can be prepared. Such is the strange story of the Egyptian pyramids.

Egypt Pyramids - Amazing Facts
Egypt Pyramids - Amazing Facts

The Egyptian civilization is as ancient as the Indus Valley Civilization of India. At that time the emperors of Egypt were called Pharaohs. The tomb that was built after his death was called the pyramid. In these pyramids, along with the dead body of the king, their food and drinking materials, jewelery, cosmetics, food utensils, weapons, precious gems, even slaves and maids were buried alive.

At that time there might have been recognition of rebirth in Egypt too. These dead bodies were called mummies. Large triangular pyramids were built on these mummies. These pyramids are a living example of the ancient civilization of Egypt, the science, technology and art work of the people. Guess how this building of four and a half hundred feet height would have been built two and a half thousand years ago, which till 20th century had also named the title of world's tallest building.

The basis of these buildings in 13 acres of land which was not less than the area of ​​a big city. Even today, there are 138 pyramids in Egypt. But the three Great Pyramids built in Giza of the capital Cairo are very special among them all. Many centuries passed, but proving their presence with the same perseverance, they stood the status quo in their place.

No other buildings like the Great Pyramid of Giza are in this world, nor are such creations possible again on Earth. Scientists have been trying to solve the mysteries of these pyramids for centuries, but they have not yet been able to make symmetries of them. This can be gauged from this. Egyptians must have had better technology and means than today. In the construction of these pyramids of Giza, about twenty five million limestone stones are used for each stone weighing between two tons and 30 tons.

The Pyramid of Giza was built by the fourth descendant of the Khofu dynasty of Egypt about 25 hundred years ago. It took almost 23 years to become one. Please consider the duration. These pyramids are constantly challenging modern scientists. Even if this is the case, today we have the fear of even thinking about making such a floor, even after having a sophisticated system of supercomputer big crane machines, modern weapons of cutting stones and measuring weights.

How was the stone chiselled with copper chisels and palms by hands, that even today, stones are placed on each other in such a way that there is not enough space to move between them. There are 203 steps to climb these pyramids of Egypt, but no tourists are allowed to climb it.

These Egyptian pyramids are built on the west side of the Nile River, it took one lakh laborers to build it. Historians believe that all these laborers used to work on the daily wage and not that they were slaves. A scientist tried to make a connection between total stones and the time of making it. The facts of this research were astonishing. That is, the 25 lakh stones from which these pyramids were built in 23 years, the laborers worked for 10 hours and every other minute a stone was prepared and put on the floor. It is not worth believing, is it not possible to work so fast with the help of technology, then how would it have happened at that time.

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