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Corona Virus - Facts

Corona-Virus - Facts

The coronavirus is a very subtle but extremely effective virus.  The virus is 900 times smaller than human hair.  So far countries like Iran, China, Italy, and South Korea have been badly affected by this.  Coronavirus infection can cause problems such as a cold, shortness of breath, etc.  It originated in the city of Wuhan in China.  Scientists are doing their best to stop this virus, but so far success has not been achieved.  However, China is promising to make a vaccine in this context.

Corona Virus - Facts
Corona Virus - Facts

The number of deaths due to the coronavirus havoc in China has crossed nearly 45000.  This number is increasing progressively.  So far 42 cases have been reported in India.  The number of people infected with this virus has crossed 1 lakh worldwide.


Due to coronavirus infection, problems such as a cold, fever, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose begin to be reflected.  This virus reached humans through animals.  Its intensity is very much in reaching another through a human being.  Great care has to be taken in this context.  The virus was identified in China in December.


The Ministry of Health has issued the most important guidelines to prevent the virus.  According to the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, hands are to be washed with soap before eating, and gloves containing alcohol or spirit are to be used.  When coughing or sneezing, we are instructed to place a handkerchief or tissue paper on the nose and mouth.

Those who have symptoms of cold and flu have also been told to keep a distance from them strictly.  

Impact on economy

The corona virus is bound to have a worldwide impact.  Due to the outbreak of the virus in China, there has been a significant decline in the number of tourists.  The state of the economy in China is already very weak.  It is only natural to get more lethargic from this outbreak.  Many countries have advised their citizens not to go to China, while many countries have imposed strict restrictions on the people coming from Wuhan.  It has started impacting in India too.  This will undoubtedly prove to be a hindrance in the movement of tourists.

The conclusion

It can be said that outbreak of corona virus has been worldwide.  Its impact on the economy of all countries will be far-reaching.  Overcoming it in the coming days, handling itself will be nothing less than a challenge.  Instead of worrying about this, if you take some precautions, then you can avoid getting caught by this virus.

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